Why I’m a miracle in everyway:

I was born November 4, 2003 to my mother, opera singer Melissa Perry and my father, Maestro Hugh Kronrot, who were told it was too late to conceive. However, without medical assistance, and after many prayers to St. Anne, plus a quick belated (by 11 years!) honeymoon to Venice, I was conceived anyway.

You can imagine how dumbfounded  they were, when after a perfect pregnancy, I had a crash landing at birth. There was a loss of oxygen, a severe drop in my heart rate (both still completely  unexplained) followed by 15 minute emergency C-section . I  arrived totally blue, without breath and barely alive.

After I was resuscitated, the  doctors diagnosed me with a severe brain injury. I had cerebral palsy, spastic quadriplegia to be specific. If I lived at all, they believed I would be blind, deaf, incapable of intentional movement, walking, sitting upright or ability to hold up the head. They urged my parents  to consider hospice care, or institutionalization.

Hanging onto a thread:

Mom and Dad, however, believed that if they had faith, they would figure out what I needed and then they would find the means for me to get it. With God’s help and  the prayers, gifts and help of many, many friends, both of these things are  coming true.

I definitely have my health  challenges but so far with alternative therapies, excellent nursing and a great and dedicated medical team, I am pulling through every time. To read my full story go to ABOUT and learn what’s been helping me make astounding progress or find out “how you can help”.

Listen here to We Are Each Other’s Angels: generously shared by composers Sara Hickman and Chuck Brodsky.