She’s reading!!!

Here’s what Sara Ann did today. I gave her a big card that had the word “love” emblazoned on the front. I said, “Do you know what that says, Sara?” She paused. She looked. “Yah” she answered. “Tell me what it says.” Pause… pause. “You say it.” I didn’t give any hints. Pause …pause …pause….”Love”… “OMG!! You can read!!” I shouted. She giggled uncontrollably because she was so proud of herself. This is sooooo huge. A day to celebrate!! Merry Christmas everybody!!!! From the mom of the little girl they said would never see, hear or speak. She is now officially reading aloud.

PS Thank you Sally for another beautiful article in the Inquirer. And thank you everyone that responded to us. Our hope is growing bigger and bigger. I just saw the movie “Elf” in the hospital with Sara Ann this week. (Yah we were there again…she is home and doing better thanks…it was a 2 1/2 hour seizure on the road this time…that’s a new one…on the road. Not fun. Can’t give diastat if they are buckled down in a seat. We’re not too fond of epilepsy in general.) Anyway, in this movie Santa’s sleigh can’t get off the ground because Christmas spirit is lagging. So they have to get some singing, believing and what not going for his “spirit meter” to increase enough that the sleigh can take off…It was such a sweet idea and boy did I understand it. I actually sat there next to Sara’s bed with tears streaming down my face because I was so touched by that.

Someone asked me what it feels like to receive this great blessing well…it feels like what I just described. That’s what you folks have done…given to our little girl right from your hearts…during the worst recession in our lifetimes, not even asking for tax breaks, it’s amazing how generous and loving and kind folks are. My belief in the Christmas spirit or just the plain old goodness and love inside us has increased substantially. Thank you from our hearts…our sleigh is just about to take off!!


PSS Vist Sara Ann’s new facebook page and friend her! Sara Ann Kronrot alias Betterina


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